Working to secure your safety, your family, and your future.

Your Safety

Whether you are seeking asylum based on persecution abroad or protection from abuse or victimization in the U.S., our priority at Kayi & Wilkes is to help secure your safety. Our mission is to provide you with a safe and permanent solution as quickly as possible while providing trauma-informed legal services. You or your family members may qualify for several immigration benefits. Let us help you obtain the protection you deserve.

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Your Family

Keeping families united is the cornerstone of our immigration system. Whether you are trying to bring a family member to the U.S. or prevent one from being deported, it is critical that you assess each option and pursue the path that is most beneficial to your family. Our attorneys will work zealously to keep you close to your family and ensure their safe and successful future.

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Your Future

Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams. Whether that be through your education, your career, or both, Kayi & Wilkes can help you achieve this. We know that with some of the top universities and companies here in the U.S., the market can be competitive, but our attorneys will guild you through the complicated process so you can have the future you deserve.

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